Transcend Time and Distance.

Tread Pattern technologyAll-New Symmetric pattern contributes to below performance.

ASipe based Symmetric pattern
Sipe based symmetric pattern increase traction and reduce uneven wear.
  • WET
  • Snow
  • Low Noise
B4 Combination main grooves
Combination main groove effects
  • Center:Hydroplaning and wet traction
  • Shoulder:Hydroplaning, wet and snow traction
  • WET Snow


  • Better traction and noise
  • Traction at slippery surface
C2-3D Combination Sipes
2D,3D Combination Sipes are good for traction and Mileage.
  • WET
  • Snow

  • Blue 2D sipe
  • Red 3D sipe
D3D sipes


  • Better wet and snow traction
  • Better mileage

Profile and Contact Shape

Wide and flat contact shape- Even wear Better Mileage. Adopts Round Profile for each rib blocks- Better traction


  • Even Wear
  • Better traction

Each Rib Blocks have Round Profile (Shoulder and 2nd rib)

New Compound Technology
  • Micro Silica
  • Silica Dispersant
  • Blend polymer for wet
  • Blend polymer for snow


  • Wet and Snow performance
  • Low Rolling resistance

5 Pitch Variation

5 Pitch Variation block enable lower noise.


  • Lower noise


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