Newly-developed tread compound under “Zenvironment” technology provides longer mileage and better fuel economy.
New casing compound under “Zenvironment” technologies extend casing life for multi-retread.
The 6-rib tread design is the perfect steer position high performer. Now enhanced with over 6,000 sipes, this premium feature provides excellent water evacuation and uniform wear.

Tyre Patterns

Pattern when new

Pattern when 70%

Pattern after 

  1. Ad design with special contoured design of the groove walls
  2. Newly-developed Tread Compound/ Deep Tread
  3. Wavy Grooves
  4. Stone EjectorsStone Ejectors
  5. SC-Sipe
  6. SC-Groove

Tyre Sizes

  • Regrooved pattern is shown in black.
  • Recut depth listed is maximum value.
  • Recut width listed has +-1mm tolerance.

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