The most long-lasting, tough & efficient Earth-Friendly Van tyre ever


Dramatically improved especially in wear performance

Improved performance compared to conventional products. The wear resistance in particular achieved a dramatic improvement, and dry handling, wet breaking and rolling resistance also demonstrate better performances than previous products.


Outstanding mileage and high durability
Enhanced wet grip
Excellent fuel saving

Fully new powerful and tough RY55 tread design

(1) Extra Powerful Profile
High rigidity and tough,Resists uneven wear
(2) Multiple Triangle Block
High rigidity and proper edge volume Safety, Drainage on Wet roads
(3) 3 Pitch Tread Pattern
Low pattern noise, Resists uneven wear
Multiple aggressive Shoulder
Combination of deep lugs and sipes Stability, Evacuation, Resists uneven wear
(5) Wide Straight Grooves
Anti-Hydro, Water draining on Wet braking Straight driving and handling

Deep shoulder grooves keep reliable looking during its long life time

Even at 80% wear, the tough structure, with deep-shouldered deep lug and sipes groove, remains even and achieves high wear resistance.

Life time tread design: 235/65R16C 115/113R

Enhanced profile design and Tough construction

Contact shape optimization and contact pressure homogenization improves uneven wear

Newly developed compound with Triple polymer and silica

New compound

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