Sidewall – Bleeding* CBU(Cord Broken Up)      *Inflation pressure will leak gradually

Condition of damage

Carcass cords are broken up circumferentially at shoulder or sidewall in a line or a saw pattern


Excessive heat generation and fatigue caused by gradual leakage of air due to:

  • 1. Unmatched valve core or aged core rubber
  • 2. Fine materials such as mud or dust in the valve
  • 3. Pin hole (small puncture) or tire and/or tube
  • 4. Rust or any fine materials on the bead seat of rim
  • 5. Unsatisfactory repair of puncture


Stop to use the damaged tire

1. Use tires under the recommended air pressure and load, and check the air pressure periodically

2. Use a correct, new valve core

3. Use a valve cap to avoid entry of fine materials

4. Use new tubes for new tires

5. Remove rust or fine materials from the bead seat of rims when tires are mounted

6. Repair punctured tires and/or tubes correctly.