Modernized Design Meets Responsive Control

- Aggressive design meets responsive control

- Ultra high inch-up fitment

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Aggressive directional pattern

The dynamic design of the directional pattern achieves excellent traction and braking capabilities together with high wet performance.


A smooth, quiet ride and better wet and dry performance

Two wave-shaped center ribs realize exceptional steering stability, enabling a smooth, relaxing drive.

Perpetual contact patch (A)Image

Reinforced shoulder blocks (A)Image

(A)Image (A)Image

Outstanding water evacuation

Deep, wide grooves in the center improve water drainage, enabling exceptional performance in wet conditions and anti-aquaplaning capabilities.

Circumferential center groove (A)Image

Protects wheels against damage

Rim protector sidewall (A)Image

Sizes Available

Inch Series Dimensions
24 25 285/25R24 97V
30 255/30R24 97V
35 295/35R24 110V
305/35R24 112V
315/35R24 114V
40 285/40R24 112V
45 325/45R 116V
23 35 285/35R23 107V
40 285/40R23 111V
22 30 245/30R22 92W
255/30R22 95V
265/30R22 97W
285/30R22 101V
35 255/35R22 99V
265/35R22 102V
285/30R22 106V
40 265/40R22 106V
285/40R22 110V
305/40R22 114V
45 285/40R22 114V
305/40R22 118V
50 325/50R22 116V
20 35 235/35R20 92W
40 255/40R20 101V
275/40R20 106V
45 245/40R20 99V
255/40R20 105V
275/40R20 110V
295/45R20 114V
50 255/50R20 109V
265/50R20 111V
285/50R20 112V
305/50R20 120V
55 275/55R20 117V
18 55 235/55R18 100V
235/65R18 103V