- Ultimate silent and comfortable ride

- Outstanding handling performance

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Silence, stable maneuverability and extra-smooth driving comfort for a high degree of balance New profile and structure for more stable,quiet driving

  • Softens impact noise generated when the tire block touches the ground.
  • Suppressesnoise fromuneven treadwear.
  • Noise generated by air that is compressed between ground contactarea and tire grooves is softened.
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Variable combination sipes

As the number of blocks touching the ground increases, noise as the tyre rotates decreases.

Exclusive structure of ADVAN dB

The sidewall carcass is wound up higher than normal, providing stability and comfort.

*Differs depending on size.

Five-pitch variation

Reduces pattern noise to realize a level of noiselessness befitting luxury cars.

Sizes Available

Inch Series Dimensions
20 30 275/30R20 97W
35 245/35R20 95W
275/35R20 98W
40 245/40R20 99W
19 30 265/30R19 93W
275/30R19 96W
35 235/35R19 91W
245/35R19 93W
275/35R19 96W
40 245/40R19 98W
45 245/45R19 98Y
18 35 265/35R18 93W
40 225/40R18 88W
235/40R18 91W
40 245/40R18 93Y
45 215/45R18 89W
225/45R18 91W
235/45R18 94W
245/45R18 96W
50 235/50R18 97W
245/50R18 100W
17 40 245/40R17 91W
45 205/45R17 84W
215/45R17 91W
225/45R17 91W
235/45R17 94W
245/45R17 95W
50 215/50R17 91V
40 225/50R17 94W
235/50R17 96V
55 215/55R17 94W
225/55R17 97W
235/55R17 99V
16 50 205/50R16 87V
55 205/55R16 91W
215/55R16 93W
225/55R16 95W
60 205/60R16 92V
215/60R16 95V
225/60R16 98W
235/60R16 100W
65 205/65R16 95H
15 55 195/55R15 85V
60 195/60R15 88H
205/60R15 91H
65 185/65R15 88H
195/65R15 91H
205/65R15 94H
215/65R15 96H