Truck & Bus Tires

Long Distance Transport

Steer axle tire engineered with innovative Zenvironment technologies for regional/highway service. The 5-rib tread design with straight grooves enhances even wear & wet traction. SC-SIPE (Stress-Wear Control Sipe) design improves abnormal wear on rib edges. Newly-designed stone ejectors and wavy grooves minimize stone holding & penetration in ordinal regional operation. Newly-developed tread compound under Zenvironment technology provides longer mileage and better fuel economy. This technology is available in major product sizes. New casing compounds under Zenvironment technologies extend casing life for multi-retread.

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Regional Transport

Steer axle        
9R22.5 14 136/134L T/L
10R/22.5 14 144/142L T/L
11R/22.5 16 148/145M T/L
245/70R19.5 14 136/134M T/L
265/70R19.5 14 140/138M T/L
285/70R19.5 16 146/144M T/L
295/80R22.5 16 152/148M T/L
315/80R22.5 20 156/150L(154/150M) T/L